I’m a novelist, who has written a few things but more importantly I’ve published a novel. I PLAGIARIZED THIS BOOK FROM MYSELF is a mystery/ crime thriller that follows a part time writer who finds his own work has already been published, right down to the smallest details and errors. Released on 1/12/13, you can find it on Amazon. Just search the title, or my name, and it should appear or follow this link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/I-Plagiarized-this-Book-Myself/dp/1629890081/

You can now also find my second novel, Carrion Youth, over on swoonreads.com, available to read for free.

This blog is a side project where I review film and television shows, post opinion pieces, critical analysis and sometimes update readers on what I’m currently writing and how it’s going. If you’ve read my work, either this blog or my novel, feel free to check me out on social media:

Saul Goodman endorses preposterousprose (disclaimer: not really).

Also on linkedin and Google+

Aside from that I like watching television, listening to music, reading and playing video games.

Favourite TV shows include, but not limited to: House, Breaking Bad, Lost, Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones.

Currently watching: The Black-List, Gotham, and The Americans.

Favourite books include, but again are not limited to are: 1984, Brothers Karamazov and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Currently reading: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

Favourite films, not limited etc etc: Fight Club, District 9, Full Metal Jacket and American History X.

Recently seen: I, Tonya, Lady Bird and Black Panther.

Favourite bands include, but not limited to are: Shinedown, Nonpoint, Alterbridge and…I guess Kanye West, although he isn’t a band obviously.

Favourite Games, not limited are: Metal Gear Solid series, Final Fantasy series, Tekken series and Fallout series.

Recently enjoyed: Agarest: Generations of War.

I am also a massive nerd, though you probably already realised that…

If you would like to more about me or my writing, take a look at the author interview I did with The Book Review @ www.thebookreview.net/plagiarized-book/.

Still have questions? Leave a comment or use the ask box over on my tumblr. Or send me an email at legendaryboyd@googlemail.com


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