I Plagiarized This Book From Myself

I Plagiarized this Book from Myself by Boyd Jamison, from World Castle Publishing.

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With anyone who dreams of being an author, you hope to one day be published. We write for the craft, for the joy of creating stories and giving life to characters but being published is a great compliment. It means that someone other than you in the dusty, dark study where you slaved for months read what you wrote and liked what they saw. The feeling swells insdie until the process starts all over again with the new book.

This is my first work to be published: I PLAGIARIZED THIS BOOK FROM MYSELF. Hopefuly the first of many. It is a thriller, with elements from crime fiction and other genres, which follows Will Nichol as he attempts to solve how someone stole his written work. Will Nicholl too dreams of being an accomplished writer but he feels blocked everytime he tries. So he is more than a little frustrated when he finds his work stolen and worse published. The real kicker is that they published it without adding anything to his original work at all.

As he sets about correcting the injustice against himself he meets Charlotte James, a young woman just trying to escape from her abusive boyfriend, and Kirk P. Mittelmark, a private detective investigating a missing person’s case. Will is going to need all the help he can get but trusting the right people might prove difficult. Nothing is as it seems.

If you would like to read I PLAGIARIZED THIS BOOK FROM MYSELF, it is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle. For my American readers, you can choose paperback, kindle or purchase through createspace. It is also available on almost all regional Amazon websites, such as Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Mexico and many more.

Want to read before you buy? No problem, simply check out this excerpt posted at readmydangbook.wordpress.com

Interested in what inspired me to write and what might be coming next? Then this author interview has what you’re looking for: www.thebookreview.net/plagiarized-book/


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