Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 ‘The Queen’s Justice’ notes and Episode 4 ‘The Spoils of War’ trailer and leak thoughts

Welcome to another week of Game of Thrones in review, where this week I’ll be looking at interesting points from ‘The Queen’s Justice’ and what we can expect next week judging from ‘The Spoils of War’ trailer. So let’s get into it.

Jon Snow meets Daenarys Targaryen at Dragonstone in Game of Thrones season 7 episode 3 The Queen's Justice.

This is Jon Snow. He knows nothing.

  • I like to imagine that the dragons were just trying to get a closer look at the secret other Targeryen.
  • The much awaited meet between Daenarys and Jon wasn’t quite as intense as the Daenarys/Varys exchange from last week but it was still an engaging scene full of great rebuttals on both sides. In particular, Ser Davos shone in this scene.
  • It was a nice touch, and very in character, for Jon not to want to go into the whole ‘brought back to life’ discussion. However, it does feel like a very intentional delaying tactic in the writing so that it can be a more powerful reveal later.
  • Of all people though, Daenarys should have more of an open mind. Before she came along, dragons were thought to be dead. So why should the White Walkers and the Night’s King still be myths? I imagine it’s part of her ego but does she really believe that the one who was promised exists to simply dethrone Cersei?
  • Cersei has been very efficient so far, but Cersei’s main flaw has always been that she’s thought herself smarter than she is. She sees herself as Tywin come again, and there were comments made to that effect in this episode but, as was also alluded to by Olenna, she has a cruel streak. Both seem likely to come back and bite her on the ass soon.
  • The use of Robb Stark’s tactics to take the Reach while the Unsullied are isolated at Casterly Rock was nicely done. But I do wonder about Jaime’s comments about Casterly Rock’s importance. It may not be of strategic importance but it will be of moral significance. Robb himself once stated that a ruler who could not hold their home was no ruler at all.
  • Bran’s arrival and statement that he needs to talk to Jon implies that we will be getting the R+L=J reveal as soon as Jon gets back to Winterfell…which doesn’t look to be any time soon.
  • In the books there’s a slow drifting apart of Jaime and Cersei as Jaime starts to feel that his total devotion is one sided. That hasn’t happened in the show but Olenna’s admission could be the start of the rift between the siblings. I can totally see Cersei refusing to believe that anyone other than Tyrion killed Joffrey.

In the trailer for ‘The Spoils of War’ we see Cersei discussing her intention to bring Westeros under her control with the Iron Bank. So far Cersei’s dealings with the Iron Bank have been amicable but there’s always an ominous about the Bank. I imagine Cersei sees the Iron Bank as just another pawn but the Iron Bank aren’t like the lords of Westeros. They aren’t in this war for ideals or self-preservation. They’ll back Cersei for as long as it’s profitable and then…

That dagger from season one that almost killed Bran and led Catelyn to kidnap Tyrion also makes an appearance. The weapon hasn’t really been seen since or played much of a part in the story. The only people it’s of any relevance to are Starks and Lannisters so it’s probably making its appearance in either Winterfell or King’s Landing. This season has enjoyed its call backs to previous events so I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the dagger’s only part to play in this episode but the darkness of the scene suggests it’ll show up at Winterfell.

Speaking of Winterfell, there’s a brief shot of Arya on horseback upon a hill looking on the castle. Last week saw Bran return to Winterfell and tonight looks to bring another sibling home. Given that Brans return was a little more creepy than sweet given how much he’s changed, I wonder if Arya’s return will be more emotional or just as awkward.

Daenarys Targaryen rides her dragon Drogon in Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4 The Spoils of War.

This is also how the NeverEnding Story ended

Another important shot is Theon’s return. Much of the trailer sees Daenarys lamenting her loss of allies and defeats so far, and Theon’s personal account of the battle is unlikely to make her much happier. There are some shots of Daenarys in a cave with Jon leading the way, which are either to do with dragonglass or maybe caves are just where he takes all of his lovers. With the war not going her way, Daenarys may come to rely more fully on Jon. Though we also see her riding Drogon so perhaps she may not have to rely on Jon too much just yet.

Tonight’s episode however is also unique in that it was already leaked a few days ago. Game of Thrones has always been fairly susceptible to spoilers but this year has seemed particularly vulnerable. A few years ago the first three episodes got leaked but this year scripts for many of the episodes got leaked and now a full episode. Hopefully though if you haven’t wanted to be spoiled that you’ve managed to avoid them, though in this day and age that’s next to impossible unless you swear off the internet between episodes.

That wraps up another week. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and if you’d like to read more, check out the archives or follow me on social media. To keep up to date hit the follow button to the left. Or to read my novel, check out Swoonreads.


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