Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 notes, Comic-Con trailer thoughts and looking ahead to Episode 2

So, I took some time off to focus on writing and publishing but I couldn’t help returning to comment on the new season of Game of Thrones. First, some points on the Season 7 premiere, Dragonstone.

John Bradley-West as the lovable Samwell Tarley at the Citadel in the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere, Dragonstone.

How all Ice and Fire readers react to new Thrones seasons.

  • The opening Frey massacre was brilliant. The reveal of Arya under the Walder Frey mask lost a bit of punch given we seen his throat slit in the Season 6 finale, but it was still a great scene.
  • A lot has already been said about the Ed Sheeran cameo to the point where Ed quit Twitter (he has since returned). I must agree that it detracted from the scene. He should have been more of a background character but instead he seemed to be constantly in the shots with Arya.
  • Sansa is just wrong. Her plan to take lands from traitorous families and give it to loyal ones is the same Lannister tactic that allowed the Bolton’s to take ownership of Winterfell and the North. And look how that worked out for them.
  • I’m surprised Jaime isn’t mad. He ruined his reputation once in order to prevent the burning of King’s Landing only for his sister to do the very thing he tried to prevent years later.
  • Although Daenary’s ‘shall we begin?’ line was a sweet closer, I found it rather absurd that the Dragonstone was completely empty and uninhabited. In the books Stannis leaves a garrison but it’s later taken by the Lannisters in a bloody and costly siege. In the show it seems that no one saw the benefit of a castle which is the first line of defence against an attack from the east.

The Comic-Con trailer doesn’t give us much more than what we already know but we do get some cool shots of Lannister soldiers on the battlefield and indications of where the main stories are going. Jon will look to join with the Targaryens, which is interesting given that Robb was previously reluctant to side with the Baratheons (not that either Stannis or Renly were willing). The notable difference is that Robb was entirely focused on the Seven Kingdoms, whereas Jon is more concerned with the Night King beyond the wall. A conflict of interest that looks to plague him in his dealings with Sansa and the Northerners for the rest of the season.

There’s also a scene in the trailer of Euron riding through King’s Landing to what seems like applause, possibly having provided the gift that he promised Cersei. But with the North, the Reach, Dorne and Daenarys all moving against her, the support of the Iron Isles doesn’t really make up the difference. Even if Littlefinger was to betray Sansa and take the Vale to Cersei, the Lannisters will still be wholly outgunned…unless Euron has a certain dragon horn from the books…

Pilou Asbæk as Euron Greyjoy rides through King's Landing to applause in the Game of Thrones Comic-Con trailer.

The last person to ride through King’s Landing to this much fanfare was Margaery Tyrell.

Tonight though, I expect to be much like episode 1: moving all of the characters into place for the big battle set piece to come. The title, Stormborn, suggests that the episode will focus largely on Daenarys. The name was given to Daenarys because of a storm that wrecked most of the Targaryen fleet on the day of the birth. Perhaps the episode title could hint at a naval battle to come? But I’m probably reading too much into it.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. I’ll probably be back again next week with some notes on episode 2. Until then, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. If you’d like to read more check out the archives. To stay up to date with my writings, you can click the follow button on the right. And if you want to check out my fiction writing, you can read my second novel Carrion Youth for free over at Swoonreads.


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