X-Factor is really dragging the selection process out this year. Tomorrow’s episode will focus on all on Simon Cowell’s Six Chair Challenge with the Overs. Last week we at least got Cheryl Fernandez Versini and Nick Grimshaw in one slot but did Simon Cowell and Rita Ora really need their own two hour episodes? They have no problem cutting and editing the show any other time but now they want to be thorough? It’s also surprising that Rita Ora got the other two hour slot. Cheryl Fernandez Versini is the senior judge besides Simon, whose ego would obviously demand he get at least one slot. It could be argued that Rita got the slot because the girls category is so popular but if the popular categories got the the two hour episodes then it would have been Rita and Nick.

The reason for the drawn out process is partially to blame on the Rugby World Cup which is taking up the Saturday night prime time on ITV. Otherwise, there could be a X-Factor episode on both Saturday and Sunday and the whole selection would be done in half the time. That doesn’t really excuse Rita and Simon getting their own separate Sunday episodes. It would make much more logic to pack all the judges in pairs. What it does mean, however, is that X Factor will have to play catch up if they want to have the final on the 13th of December. The competition will air a third weekly episode on Thursdays before the live shows.

The boys  X-Factor 2015 Six Chair Challenge.

The one time ‘take a seat’ isn’t followed by ‘you’re fired’.

Can viewers handle a third episode of The X-Factor? The show isn’t as popular as it once was. After eleven years, audiences are understandably less enamoured by the singing competition. A third weekly episode is only likely to burn out fans even more so. And this third episode is likely to just be more of the same. In order to create time for the Rugby, the thursday episode will just be part one of a two part live show that will complete on Saturday. It still doesn’t solve the time constraint issue created by X-Factor not condensing other areas. In order to whittle down the contestants in time for the final, X-Factor will have do a double elimination a week. That’s taking into consideration that we still haven’t covered Judges houses.

Meanwhile, BBC’s reality shows are well on their way. Strictly Come Dancing’s fourth episode will air tonight following the elimination of Anthony Ogogo last week. Unlike most shows Strictly Come Dancing is fairly reliable. One can expect Kellie Bright, Helen George and Jay McGuiness to be around for a while. By the scores, Jay McGuiness is likely to be the favourite. The scores aren’t always a good indicator of the overall winner though. Many people remember when Abbey Clancy beat out Susanna Reid and Natalie Gumede in series eleven but Natalie actually had the higher end score of 119, compared to Abbey’s 116. That’s because there’s more that goes into the end decision than straight up numbers, most notably likability and progress. A celebrity who continually gets better and wins over viewers can ultimately fare better than a celebrity with a natural talent for dancing. With that in mind, someone like Peter Andre or Anita Rani could easily end up overtaking the others.

Georgia Foote gets dipped by Giovanni  Pernice on Strictly Come Dancing 2015.

And cue the romance rumours.

BBC’s other big return this week is The Apprentice and we’ve lost Nick Hewer. Claude Littner has replaced him, following around this year’s eighteen hopefuls. Those candidates are the same preposterous, boastful apparent business experts who claim to be able to manage and work together but constantly fail on even the simplest of tasks. I mean, why did Dan Callaghan even apply for the show? He admits that he can’t sell but selling is a main component of the competition. It’s as if these people have never watched the show.

Lord Sugar was quoted as saying that this years group of candidates would be more serious and older. Older than what though? Twelve of the eighteen are in their twenties, with eight of those twelve being twenty five or younger. Of course that means that ten of The Apprentice’s candidates would actually fall in the overs X-Factor category. Did I miss the mandate that 26 was now old? I’ll be 26 in three days and I certainly don’t feel old. Of course I also don’t think that people over the age of 45 are afraid of the unknown so perhaps reality television isn’t the best reflection of actual reality.


And now for the rebuttal:

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