No blog post this week, sorry.

No blog post this week, sorry.


Due to technical difficulties, there will be no blog post this week.

At the beginning of this week, my laptop ceased to function due to a video card failure. The video card is integrated into the motherboard and rather than replace the entire motherboard, I decided to purchase a new laptop. The old one did me five plus years and served its time admirably. It will be missed. Especially since learning to type on this new laptop is like relearning how to ride a bicycle on a road I haven’t see in ten years. This new laptop also comes with Windows 8 which I’m still a bit iffy on. I can understand how it would function on a tablet or a phone but for a laptop or desktop PC it feels a little counter-intuitive. It is almost easier to rely on keyboard shortcuts and hot keys than sliding my mouse one way and another just to access a single program.

Good news though is that I’ve extracted the hard drive from the old laptop and moved all my files to the new system. Within the coming week, I will familiarise myself with this new computer and will resume regular scheduled viewing next Sunday. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience.


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