This coming Saturday, June 7th, Britain’s Got Talent will crown another winner that will go on to perform at the Royal Variety Performance. As with every year we have seen some favourites fall by the wayside and some unique acts have failed to display the same creativity in subsequent rounds. Yet the final hurdle is yet to be jumped and any number of the semi-finalists could stumble under the pressure. And maybe, just maybe, one performance might up their game and really steal the show. Good or bad though, it will only be by popular consensus that an act is awarded that coveted spot at the Royal Variety. The power is with you, the audience, to make or break a career. Here are the eager hopefuls, vying for your support:


These five guys are all talented classical singers and any one of them could easily outperform Hugh Jackman in recent film version of Les Misérables. However, I think they lack the same star power that other classical singers, such as 2012’s Jonathan and Charlotte, have had. That’s not to say they have no chance. As young men, they’re sure to attract female voters and older viewers too will be endeared by their music choice. Unless they make a big impact I don’t see them pulling a win out of the bag here.

Darcy Oake

On the complete flip side, Darcy oozes star power. One of the best magicians that this show has seen, Darcy understands the spectacle of the performance but doesn’t neglect the principles of stage presence and commanding the audience. The ease at which he moves and speaks adds to the shock of the act. Sure, you might know how the trick is done but the quality of entertainment he brings to the table makes the viewer want to believe it was real. Some people have criticised him for having previous professional experience but how he handled the argument was so tactful that I was endeared to him even more. I’d like to see perform something more difficult in the final but honestly, I expect him to win if all he does is make his shirt disappear.


Illusionist Darcy Oake is one of the finalists in Britain's Got Talent 2014.

Darcy’s charm and skill might pull a win out of the hat.

James Smith

Before he even got through, James Smith got Ed Sheeran’s seal of approval. Singers tend to go far in this competition but only one singer has ever won the competition. Of course, one could argue that James Smith is a more talented singer than Jai McDowall and while that might be true, I still don’t fancy James’ chances. Who knows, I could be wrong but it’ll largely come down to song choice.

The Addict Initiative

Beating out Jodi Bird for a spot, The Addict Initiative is a dance troupe with a twist. Or a twisted dance troupe some might say. As a group, I think they are an interesting alternative and their style gives them the potential to do something different from previous dancers such as Diversity. I don’t think that their Snow White performance quite hit the nail on the head, or at least it wasn’t as satisfyingly freakish as their audition but I’m still excited to see what they conjure up for the final.

Lucy Kay

Another Operatic singer, but Lucy Kay does have presence which the Collabro don’t. Even just standing in one place, the sounds coming from her mouth were guttural and ethereal and built to a real breath-taking moment when she hit the high note. I liked that she sang a less known song as well. Unfortunately, we see operatic singers every year so I have a feeling that she’ll ultimately lose out to a more unique act. Not that it’ll matter. Win or lose, Lucy Kay could be the next Katherine Jenkins.


Operatic singer Lucy Kay is one of the finalists in Britain's Got Talent 2014.

Lucy Kay’s powerful vocal skill might inspire a victory.

Yanis Marshall, Arnaud & Mehdi

This trio of dancers were pretty much the best of a bad bunch in Wednesday’s semi-final. In the top three they were up against another dance group that managed blotch their moves. Yes, they are guys and they are dressed unusually but their actual choreography wasn’t anything to rave about. They proved more popular than Cartel but they will struggle up against the other, more talented finalists.

Bars and Melody

The fourth singing act to make it to the final, kids Charlie Lenehan and Leondre Devries bring something a little different to the table by adding rapping to the mix. Devries is an impressive rapper for his age and the duo have already proven to be popular world-wide with support from celebries such as Ellen DeGeneres. They’ve even appeared on her show. The rapping is better than the singing, however, and as with James Smith, the choice of song will make or break the performance. Regardless of what happens in the final, they have created a good basis for a future in music.

Lettice Rowbotham

Personality wise, Lettice is certainly an odd one. With a name like Lettice how could she not be? But the show isn’t judging people based on their character quirks, it’s about skills and abilities. As a violinist, Lettice is quite remarkable. It sounds modern and interesting, engaging a wide range of listeners. Good as she is though, I don’t think that she will win. There too many other acts that, while no more talented, are either more popular or impacting.


Violinist Lettice Rowbotham is one of the finalists in Britain's Got Talent 2014.

A stroke of good luck might swing it for Lettice Rowbotham.

Jack Pack

Rounding out the singing acts at five come Jack Pack, a singing group that distinguish themselves from the other acts by being four guys. Nothing else really stands out about them. They are good singers but they are far from being the best in competition and as well liked as they are they’re nowhere near as popular as the aforementioned Bars and Melody. A nice sounding time filler unfortunately.

Paddy & Nico

One has to wonder if they would have gotten half of the attention that they did were it not for the will they/won’t they be able to compete drama that appeared in the headlines the days prior to their semi-final show. It is amazing that Paddy can perform the moves given her age but is it more impressive than some of the other acts? I don’t think so.

And those are the finalists chosen by the public and the judges. Of the golden buzzer elites, only two made it to the final and one was by the judges’ vote so it’s difficult to say whether the golden buzzer choices were really a success but I suspect that it will return next year. The only thing left to speculate about is the wild card choice. Impressionist John Clegg and Innova Irish Dance Company probably have the best chances of being given a second opportunity but it won’t matter really either way. If the public didn’t vote them through before, they won’t sway the audience too much in the final. Or maybe I’m wrong and one of them will take the whole thing. Find out for yourself, Saturday, June 7th, on ITV.


And now for the rebuttal:

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