In what appears to be a rather passionate reaction to Bruce Forsyth’s comment that kids shouldn’t be allowed on reality television show, Britain’s Got Talent, this years’ list of finalists has no less than five children. One might blame the judges for stacking the semi-finals so full of kids but it is clear that the audience are just as keen to see the children as part of show. The kids have consistently been voted into the top three positions all week, with Pre-Skool, Jack Carroll, Gabz, Asanda Jezile and Arisxandra Libantino all winning valuable spots on the final night. There could be another child act on the way, as the judges have a wild card slot to fill, although personally I think they will go with another grown up in order to round things out a little more.

With all of that in mind though, there can still only be one winner. There certainly is a lot of talent represented in the finale, there is no denying that, and given that a dog won the entire thing last year, an unconventional or surprising performance could still sweep the entire competition. Still, I think some acts have a better chance than others, so let’s review.

Richard and Adam

You would be forgiven for thinking that it was actually their Nan who was auditioning with some kind of comedy act, especially since Ant and Dec never delay in reminding us about their Nan, but no, Richard and Adam are a brotherly duo of operatic singers from Wales. They are pretty good too. Not as good as Jonathan from last year’s finale but better than his partner Charlotte. The singing was certainly stronger in the semi-final but I think their audition choice of ‘The Impossible Dream’ was better than West Side Story’s ‘Somewhere’. Song choice will likely be a major factor in how close they come to winning but they are definitely in the running. Operatic singers do tend to do well in this show, although only Paul Potts ever won.

Richard and Adam perform Somewhere at the live semi-final.

If they win, maybe they can finally get out from under their Nan’s shadow.

Arisxandra Libantino

The first of the children to go through and though she is also a singer she’s in a completely different category to Richard and Adam. She is good too. For such a young singer, her voice is tremendously powerful and I don’t think she has even reached her full potential. In a similar vein, however, I think her voice isn’t quite polished enough for her to win. She is great for her age but comparatively, I believe the viewers will vote for a more complete act. Again, song choice will be a decider though, because the right song might hide some of her vocal flaws and swing the show in her favour.

Jack Carroll

Jack Carroll certainly has the potential to be the first comedian to win Britain’s Got Talent. He is so genuinely witty and doesn’t rely on gross out humour, which has become very popular in the past few years. A few of his jokes were a little cringeworthy and he does perhaps need to allow for more time for the audience to laugh between jokes but overall I think his routine is hilarious. If he can keep it going in the final, he probably place in the top three for certain.


Does Gabz own any other clothes apart from onsies? It doesn’t seem like it but of course her talent doesn’t lie in fashion anyway. Her real talent is song writing, which is why it is actually rather unfair to base any decision on her performance around her piano playing skills or her vocal prowess. Both have improved since the audition but if we were to rate her based on those then she would be woefully out of her depth compared to the other contestants. But her real talent is song writing. I’m glad to hear that she is preparing a new song for the final. Singing ‘Put Your Lighters in the Air’ for a third time definitely wouldn’t have gave her much of a chance. Now everything is really riding on this new song. If it is as good and as catchy as ‘Put Your Lighters in the Air’ then I think she might have a decent shot at winning.

Band of Buskers, Luminite perform their own version of 'To Love Somebody' at the live semi-final.

Even fashion wise, J.J. looks out of place.


More singers but it is a group in this case. I liked their blend of easy listening and hip hop. It soothing and full of energy at the same time and more than anything else, they just stand out against all the other singers and artists in the competition because they aren’t the traditional singing group. That said, I’m not sure about J.J. Steph can clearly carry the vocals by herself and LMFAO Juniors pull off the guitar and rap superbly, so really, I’m just not sure what J.J. adds to the group. He is a decent singer but nothing about him wows me.


Following in the footsteps of last year’s Nu-Skool, this is the only dancing act to make it to the finals. Ever since Diversity’s surprise win over Susan Boyle in Season 3, dance troupes have auditioned every year but the solitary dance act in this year’s final may suggest that viewers are just burnt out from too many dance acts. Unfortunately, that also means that Pre-Skool is not likely to win which is disappointing because their semi-final performance was extremely fun and precise. These are kids that are even younger than Arisxandra and they were just so on point that it was very impressive.

Francine Lewis

As an impressionist, she was certainly funnier than Monday’s Philip Green. Unlike Green, she includes a few favourites from the audition as well as introducing a few newer impressionists that were just as uncanny as the others. The audience really seems to find her endearing as a person too so there’s no doubt that she will probably rank highly in the final. I’m doubtful that she will pull a win out of the bag because there are a lot of other talented acts and she can’t be seen to rely on the same impressions too much. If she still has a few new and impressive impressions up her sleeve and some of the other acts rest on their laurels then she might have a chance. I wouldn’t bet on it though.

Impressionist, Francine Lewis performs at the live semi-final.

The facial expressions elevate the act to a whole new level.

Asanda Jezile

The last of the child acts is also another singer. My feelings about Asanda Jezile are much the same as Arisxandra Libantino. They are both young and impressive for their age but objectively both of their voices need a bit more work in order to really flourish. Arisxandra’s voice is more powerful but Asanda makes up for it with use of style and technique. Perhaps a little too much technique at times. Randy Jackson always talked about vibrato and Asanda definitely over used it. Similarly to Arisxandra though, her chances really depend on her song choice in the final.

Jordan O’Keefe

Maybe I should be expected to support Jordan O’Keefe because we share the same broad geographical location but honestly, I think this is probably just the wrong show for him. Guys with acoustic guitars seems to something of a trend these days so he definitely has the kind of sound that will probably do well but the talent itself is rather mundane. Maybe he sings and plays the guitar better than most but the acts that tend to win Britain’s Got Talent aren’t your run of the mill performances. Perhaps he should have waited and auditioned for The X-Factor?


My personal favourites and the act that I truly believe have the best chance of winning the competition. Mind you, I said the same about Aquabatique last year and look how well that worked out. Attraction are something that just hasn’t been seen on the show ever before and their performances have been consistently engaging and emotional. If they have another story prepared for the finale that can enrapt the audience as much as their previous performances then I think they will be a strong contender.

Shadow Dancing troupe, Attraction perform at the live semi-final.

Who knew looking at a screen could be so heart wrenching?

Wild Card

It is extremely tough to predict which act will be selected as a wild card. Tempting as it is to suggest MckNasty, I don’t think the judges will vote in that direction because of the already existing controversy that MckNasty was put through to the semi-finals because of his brother, Labrinth. If they wanted another child act, I guess they might put through Youth Creation and it would also round out the final performances with another dance act. If they desire something classier, they could put through solo dancer, Joseph Hall. It is really difficult to know who will go through but one thing is certain. Given the calibre of talent already in the final the wild card will be fighting an uphill battle to win.

That is the list of finalists for another year of Britain’s Got Talent. Unusually, rather than airing the final tonight, the final will instead air live this coming Saturday, the 8th of June 2013. It is an odd change but I do like it. Not only will it give the acts a full week to prepare but it gives the viewer the chance to mull over the talent and decide who really deserves to perform in front of Her Royal Majesty, the Queen.


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