And we’re back.

We’ve got a lot to go through too because when the seasonal period rolls around it brings along with it a lot of one off specials and shows doing Christmas episodes, and on top of that, I’ve got the end of Misfits to talk about. I think I’ll start with the Misfits finale and work forward. By the time I’m finished I should be able to talk about the second season of Sherlock which is currently airing.

Anyway, concerning the Misfits finale, I feel like I should preface this review with an overall look at the season. It was the first season without Nathan as a character and in a way I think that the show really felt it. I’m not saying that Rudy didn’t match up but he’s a different sort of character with a different humour, and while that’s certainly not a bad thing, it is strange because he does seem like a new character rather than filling a hole left by Nathan. Maybe I was just so complacent with Nathan that his absence is glaring with or without an additional character there in his stead. But I’m still not sure that it was all down to Nathan’s exit anyway.

Nathan in Vegas

Perhaps the most interesting power leaves for Vegas

Many of the episodes this season didn’t quite capture my imagination how I wanted them. Episodes about zombies and Nazi’s could have been amazing but they never quite managed to achieve the potential that I wanted from them. The best part of the Nazi episode was when Kelly head butted Adolf Hitler and that was at the very end. The zombie episode probably would have been a lot better if they hadn’t all been mindless drones that kill and eat. I think it’d have been an interesting concept to introduce a character who was supernatural but didn’t have a superpower in the same way that the other characters do. It’d have been humorous for the group to have to keep her supplied with iguanas and animals to devour and keep her hunger at bay. Sort of how vampires seem to be depicted at times. She’d still be the living dead but it’d have been a nice twist to the usual end of zombie movies where you either kill them all or they devour the earth in an undead plague. But that’s what I mean. These episodes had potential which they didn’t really realise.

My favourite episode of the season, looking back, was probably the episode with the artist who was able to affect life through his drawings. Now though that episode seems as though it was mostly set up for the finale. Spoiler warning. Alisha dies and Simon travels back in time to become the hoodie. Except that makes no sense. The super hoodie kept saying that he had to die and she had to stay alive and it all had to happen a certain way. But why did she have to die then? It didn’t seem like her dying at the point mattered any more than it had before. Simon and Alisha were always doomed to be in this time loop but I though perhaps that Alisha’s death might have been a sacrifice to protect something or someone. Instead it just seemed like it was the best moment because they’d reconciled, had sex and he had no means of fixing what had already happened.

Simon holds Alisha as she dies.

Don't you just hate it when you bite your tongue?

It doesn’t really make any sense why ghost Rachel would have to kill Alisha for revenge when it was Nathan who killed her. Not in the most direct sense of the words but his actions did lead her on to the roof from which she fell in season one. Alisha was one of the first of the group that she converted and had very little to do with why she’s dead. Death also seems to be a rather individual experience in this universe because Sally was completely unaware that Tony was back as a ghost too. You’d have thought the least that they’d have done is hook up in the afterlife and figure all this out.

Admittedly the episode suffers from more than just strange plot choices. It was unfortunate that this episode followed an episode with zombies. That’s too much dead returning, really, and kind of ruined the effect of Sally, Tony and Rachel returning, regardless of what it was for. I think the episode also falters under the pressure of being a finale episode. After the zombie episode, which admittedly was at least action packed even if I think it went the wrong way with the ending, this episode slowed down to explore more of Alisha and Simon’s relationship and draw them closer together before it ripped them apart. I would suggest switching the two around and ending with the zombie episode. Have Alisha die, and Simon would go to Seth looking for a power to help. Seth would reveal he got a power to help, and he can’t use it himself, so Simon has to use it for him. Honestly, it seemed like Curtis betrayed Kelly a little quickly just to get out of being pregnant, but I think if Alisha was dead it would be a lot easier to imagine Simon being able to betray Kellie for the possibility of bringing her back. When all it did was unleash the zombie apocalypse, Simon would be forced to kill her himself. He’d realise it couldn’t be fixed but instead exchange his power for one to go back in time.

We now know that neither Antonia Thomas or Iwan Rheon will be returning in the fourth season. So the cast for next season is, as of now, Rudy, Seth, Curtis and Kellie. That’s extremely male dominated, so I imagine that next season will introduce some new girls, though I still maintain that Zombie Shannon would have been an interesting inclusion to the group and that it’d have made for an intriguing love triangle between her, Seth and Kellie. Anyway, this will allow Howard Overman to introduce some new powers to have fun with along with the new characters, so at least we have that to look forward to.


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