I have a wealth of things to say, but let’s start at the beginning.

First off, my name obviously isn’t Legendaryboyd, as awesome as that might be. No, it’s a username I made back when I was about 15 or so because I needed a email username and I thought it was cool. My name is Boyd, although I’m not quite legendary, at least not yet.

I’m an aspiring novelist, and as of 30 minutes ago, I just finished my first novel, which is five years in the making. The resounding chorus is that five years is far too long to write a novel, especially when certain novelists can serve one up in three months, but to them I’d say I don’t have quite the same amount of time. I wrote this novel during fifth and six year at high school, and finished it during university. It’s not entirely continuous either, because I stopped about two-thirds of the way towards completion and decided the first two-thirds weren’t adequate enough, and completely rewrote them. So this, 391 page, 204,157 word novel has been a work in process for five years, and to day that process came to an end. Of this I am incredibly happy, and a little bit anxious.

Now comes something which I was deeply aware of but unable to face: getting published. Writing is the easy bit, but getting published is a darn sight harder, especially in today’s society where almost anyone can make a mark for themselves through controversy and the notion that infamy and celebrity are one in the same. I’d rather be known for the talent that I have. I’m not saying I’m the shining beacon of hope for the literature industry , but I am saying that I’m talented. To back up that talent, I’ve spent three years studying English literature and the development of the novel , and next year I intend to spend another year studying creative writing at a Masters level. That is, if I can find the money.

Not going to lie, Money is definitely a motivator in writing, but it’s not the only major motivator. I’m writing because I have a passion for it, and as I already said, I have a wealth of things to say. There is no point in saying something though, if no one is listening, hence the main reason I need to get published, and if they want to give me money while I’m at it, I’ll be all the happier.

Perhaps I need to whet your appetite, so here’s a blurb for the novel, tentatively entitled ‘Creed’.

Can the killer ever be redeemed? For many, high school is the tale of the losers and jocks, the nerds and preps, but for the British boy, Christopher Charles Creed, he was branded with a title of killer, and absolute social rejection. Turning his rejection into ambition, he aims for a star studded career as a professional wrestler in America. Leaving school and country may not be enough, as Creed slowly faces society, success and, ultimately, God.

Interesting, right? As you can probably gleam, the novel deals with the constraints of society, the burden of society and whether religion exists someone such as a murderer, and what possible purpose that someone who finds justice in killing can find in God. I definitely believe that there is an audience out there for a novel exploring these themes in modern society as celebrities are continually examined and labelled like lab mice, and what kind of effect a culture that does that to the successful must have on those who feel inadequate. While it all sounds quite heavy and potentially depressing, there’s also a fair amount of humour and entertainment jammed within those 391 pages to mean you won’t be sobbing your eyes out with every page. Just some of them.

I have a number of short stories on hand too, such as ‘Four-Iron’, the story of a man separated from his wife, and threatened with the kidnapping of his daughter, breaks and takes the law into his own hands, or ‘The Switch’ (which was actually written before the recent film of the same name), where a couple’s recently deceased child dies, but believing the child to be switched at birth, they steal back the baby they believe to be theirs and go on the run. ‘My Town’ is about a man passing through an eventful little town on the road to the big city looking for work, and writing letters home to his wife, and ‘The Expelled’ is a personal favourite (although I love all of my stories but I’m biased). It came as a result of a friend and me conversing about how a number of films are classical books rehashed: ’10 Things I Hate About You’ universally known as a modern ‘Taming of the Shrew’,‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ (book the original book and film) is a blatant modern re-workings of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘The Lion King‘ has its roots in ‘Hamlet’. We figured it’d be interesting if they made a modern adaptation of an unconventional novel, such as ‘The Lord Of The Rings’. That’s what ‘The Expelled’ is: ‘The Lord of the Rings’ in High School.

Overall, as an introduction, I think that about sums it up. I’m an aspiring novelist who’s blogging partly to make a reputation and partly to possibly get recognised. It would be great if this resulted in getting published, but I’m obviously not going to rely on it. As soon as I’m finished my exams, I’m going to go purchase ‘The Writer’s Handbook’ and probably call any and all agents and publishers in an ambitious hope to get recognised. That said, this blog won’t be entirely about writing, but will be an assortment of my interests such as religion, television, books other than my own, music and playing video games (or least once the Playstation network is working again). It’ll basically be all about me, because all most all of this stuff is bound to seep into my writing some way or another, whether it’s really intentional or not. More important than me however, is you, the reader, because, as I already said: there’s not point in talking if no one’s listening and similarly there is no sense in writing if no one is reading.


And now for the rebuttal:

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